S W a G   r E v i E w hEadphonEs corEy andrEw
Many of you know I'm very passionate about the #Klout program. I have received some wonderful advanced perks (previews and products) from top vendors.  Last year I was working with a new headphone brand called Thrust so it was a conflict of interest at that time to blog about the incredible Sony X Headphones I had received complimentary as a Klout Perk. Well, now I am at liberty to share my feedback on the Sony X Headphones. At the time I received them, they were set to debut at the price point of $300+, however now  you can find them for at least half that cost - and yes they can hold their own when compared to the audio quality of Beats by Dre.  They sound really amazing, with deep base and rich clarity of the mid / high ranges.  Vibrant red with sleek, grey steel details, Sony X has memory foam ear cans and are housed in siiiiiick packaging so highly designed its a work of art in itself. So be sure to check out the Sony X Headphones!!! Special thank to #Klout & Sony X Headphones for sending me this fabulous freebie ... even if it did take me a while to share the buzz about them!  ;-) Influencer Disclosure: I was given a free product or sample from this brand because I am a Klout influencer.  I am under no obligation to receive the sample or promote/write about this company or its affiliates.  I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.  The opinions expressed here are solely the opinions of Corey Andrew and do not represent the views of the brand or company.
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