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Years ago when I was a broke, struggling artist in New York City, I worked for Saks 5th Avenue on their main floor selling women’s accessories and designer eyewear.  I would try on many different styles when taking my lunch breaks and I would try to imagine a time in the future when I might be able to afford to buy a pair, and not be living paycheck to paycheck. It seems I always kept coming back to Ray-Bans when I was in my “try-on” mode. Perhaps I was inspired by the fact that Ray-Bans were iconic and had for generations been the chosen eyewear of legends such as James Dean, Bob Dylan and even President Kennedy to name a few.  More importantly though, whenever I would put them on they made me feel unique, sharp, ultra stylish, with a perfect combination of looking distinguished – yet non-conforming.   At that time, I decided I wanted to save up and buy two pairs of Ray-Bans, both the eyeglasses and the Original Wayfarer sunglasses.  Then of course I also knew if I got them I would want to trick them out with all the bells and whistles like polarized lenses, scratch proofing, anti-glare treatment, and of course an insurance warranty just in case I broke them.  Yes, I was very serious about owning my first Ray-Bans but even though they were not super expensive, buying them might have disrupted my budget for Ramen noodles and McDonalds dollar menu. So I held off. Instead, I made a deal with myself: one day I would buy the Ray-Bans I’ve always wanted – and with all the extras. It would be symbolic of accomplishing long-term professional goals I had set for myself.   So … fast-forward to 2014, and a lot has changed for sure.  I’ll spare you the details but to celebrate how far I’ve come in my professional life since my starving artist days in NYC, I finally went out and purchased those two pairs of Ray-Bans I’ve always wanted.  Then, a few months later the coolest, most ironic thing happened. I received an exciting new Klout Perk of really awesome stuff including a gift card from Ticketmaster, two boxes of honey nut cheerios, and a sleek, complimentary pair of branded Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses!  I didn’t have this style and I have been wanting a pair - then BAM! I mean seriously, how cool is THAT! Thank you Cheerios & Klout and Ray-ban.
Many of you already know I'm a Ray-Ban man, as I've posted many past photos of me in my Ray-Ban reading glasses as well as my Original Wayfarer sunglasses. If you dig the look and you‘re considering Ray-Bans for yourself, there are a few things to consider.  The New Wayfarer design is more of a slimmer variation of the Original Wayfarer. It has a smaller frame giving a sleekness that allows a more simplistic, non-overpowering merge with a smaller face.  Women might prefer to wear rock the New Wayfarer as well because they are a less bold aesthetic than the original. Let me mention too, the New Wayfarer Color Mix line offers a gorgeous color palette of mirrored lenses and vibrant frames in red, green and blue (to name a few).  So you can now get the classic feel of Ray-Ban with a modern style tweak.  Totally Badass! The Original Wayfarer frames, which I’ve been rocking for a while now, have a chunky frame and much larger, oversized lenses that tilt toward the face onto the cheek area.  This is something to be conscious of, especially if you have fuller cheeks but I rock the hell outta mine all the time. Basically for me it’s all about versatility and I love both Ray-Ban design styles. Some days I feel like being understated so I will opt for the New Wayfarer. Then, there are other days when the Original Wayfarer brings that element of vintage drama that I may feel like giving. I mean as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to eyewear in general, there is no such thing as too big! Rock on Ray-Ban! CHECK OUT RAYBAN REMIX! Now you can remix colors and lenses to have your very own customized pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses or freshen up your look with custom-designed Remix prints!  You can even get em' customized with personal engraving! Influencer Disclosure: I was given a free product or sample from this brand because I am a Klout influencer.  I am under no obligation to receive the sample or promote/write about this company or its affiliates.  I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.  The opinions expressed here are solely the opinions of Corey Andrew and do not represent the views of the brand or company.